Carska vina – Grgo Vasilj, Medjugorje

For over 170 years, love for wine is passed from generation to generation in family owned wine cellar of Grgo Vasilj.

We use a closed cycle system, that is, – from our own vineyards (22 ha)- to a premium quality product, which we distribute directly to our customers. This type of production and direct distribution is what guarantees the best quality of our products.

At the moment, our winery annually produces c. 80 000 bottles of wine.
Come and enjoy it!

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Žilavka, Premium Edition

Žilavka, Premium Edition is the pride of our cellar. Its unique taste is acquired by gentile selection of the best grapes. It embodies a rich golden color. Ripe aromas of peach and pear are soaked with the aroma of vanilla. Its body is complex and round. Pay I attention to it. It will be served to you at 10-12°C

Blatina, Premium Edition

Blatina, Premium Edition is a high quality blatina. It is our typical wine of a premium class. It is known for its specific aroma and has a full and harmonious taste. This premium quality Blatina contains a delightful concentration of wine acids, so beware of its boldness! It embodies all of Herzegovina’s summer heat! It is served at 15-20°C.

Gregorius Žilavka, Limited Edition

Gregorius Žilavka, Limited Edition is a high-quality, dry, supreme wine. It is made by choosing only the best autochthonous Žilavka grapes from the micro-locations in Medjugorje and Vionica. It embodies the best from our vineyards and the best from our winery! For this reason we can offer you only a limited quantity. It will be served at 10-12°C.

Sophia, Special Edition

This special edition of white cuvée consists of grapes Žilavka (50 %) and Grey Pinot (50 %). We named this wine after another of our children, the youngest – Sophia. This wine is the pride of our winery! It was made using the modern tehnolgy by wich we were able to keep the southern character of Žilavka. This high quality cuvée is a round and complex wine and we would like to raise your attention to it! It will be served to you at 8-12°C.

David, Special Edition

This is a special edition cuvee, made out Blatina ( 50 %) and Cabarnet Sauvignon (50 %) grapes. We named this wine after our son David. It is a premium class wine which aged 18 months in barrels, made out of American and Slavonian oak. As a result of love between these two sorts of grapes, David was born, making his parents very proud. This cuvee is noble and has a recognizable character. It will be served to you at 15-20°C.

Jeanne Cabernet Sauvignon, Special Edition

And God allowed the grapes to mature, and people did not ruin that proces, and our new wine came to be, which we named Jeanne, after another of our daugh­ters. Jeanne is a typical European name, in this case a French synonym for our Iva. The main inspiration for this name was st. Jeanne of Arc. It is made out of cabernet sauvignon grapes. Isn’t it magical when one wine makes your face glow even when you least expect it? It will be served to you at 15-20°C.

Nika Rose, Special Edition

Nika Rose, Special Edition is a gentle and profound dry wine! It is made out of Cabernet Sauvignon which gives it a special character. It is a gentile and dry wine, with a unique taste and flavor. This wine carries a name of our first child, Nika. The name Nika comes from a Greek word and it means – victory. The wine, the same as its name, is indeed victorious. To retain its characteristics, it is not served overly chilled. It is served at 10°C.