Our wine cellars are located in Međugorje. We annually produce c. 60.000 bottles of high quality wines from autoctonous grapes of Blatina and Žilavka.

According to the needs and requirements of our market, our wine cellar is constantly being modernized and adjusted. There is a wine tasting area which is an inevitable part of every modern winery.

In long term, we plan on increasing our capacities so that after planting new vineyards we can in optimal conditions continue to produce the best quality wines.

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Carska Žilavka Fine Edition

Carska Žilavka Fine Edition

is high quality dry white wine with the controlled origin – Mostar Wine region in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made of the autochthonous grape variety Žilavka, and up to 20% supporting indigenous varieties Bena and Krkošija. Dark straw colour, in background – greenish, crystal clear, dense. Initially a bit closed, clean, partially intense, ripe and complex, opens slowly. Dominant tertiary aromas, and then begin to perceive fruity aromas. The fragrance is rich in floral aromas such as meadow flowers and roses, with light addition of grass, citrus and aromatic herbs. Taste is a combination of strength, freshness and aroma.

Žilavka is a mighty wine, very good consistency, gentle bitterness as varietal characteristic, and perfect balance between the taste of alcohol and warm. Wine contains 13% vol. alcohol and 5 to 6 g/L of total acids. It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit. It can be consumed before, during and after meals and should be served cooled from 8-12°C . The best food combinations are with all white meat dishes, fish, clams and crabs and at the end the lamb on a spit with Žilavka in Herzegovina is a trade mark.

Carska Blatina Fine Edition

Carska Blatina Fine Edition

is a dry, red wine produced out of the autochthonous sort of wine grapes Blatina, with 5% addition of the pollination sort Alicante Bouschet and 5% of the indigenous sort Trnjak with the controlled origin – Mostar wine region, BiH.

Dark and compact living and glowing ruby color with garnet reflection, but at some impressive consistency. On the nose it opens gradually, plenty of spicy tone. Noble, nicely developed, typical of the deep and warm lasting aroma, fruity and spicy character. In the background, except discreetly expressed in tones of dried tobacco recognize the aromas of ripe plums, grapes, figs, marmalade of dark berry fruit, a trace occurs vanilla, carob, roasted almonds and chocolate.

Wine is 12.8 % vol., total acidity 5 – 6 g/L and extract of 25-32 g/L. Goes well with lamb, roast veal, beef, game, fish – grilled and fried, smoked beef and cheese. Serve at 18ºC. It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit.

Domina Premium Edition

Domina Premium Edition

is made of the selected grapes of Žilavka 80%, Bena and Krkošija 20% with extra quality from Mostar wine region with the controlled origin. Wine stays in the brand new oak wooden barrels of 225 litres for at least one year and a half.

Accentuated by the viscosity, and rich and deep golden color. Carska Žilavka barrique has mature aromas of peach, pear and tropical fruits mixed with aromas of vanilla, caramel and smoke. Full, delicious, rounded and complex wine.

Goes best with grilled meats and fish and a variety of steaks. Wine contains 12,5% vol. Alcohol. Serving temperature is 12-14°C. It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit.

Impero Premium Edition

Impero Premium Edition

is made of the selected grapes of Blatina 90%, Alicante Bouschet 5% and Trnjak 5% from Mostar wine region with the controlled origin. Wine stays in the brand new oak barrique barrels of 225 litres for at least one year and a half. Wine contains 12,5% vol. Alcohol. It is bottled in packaging of 0.75 lit.

Blatina reserves its recognizable character, and staying in the barrels enriches it even more. It tastes good with spicy food like red meat, game dishes and fish stew. It is drunk at the temperature of 20°C.

Selekcija Limited Edition

A high quality dry white wine of controlled origin. It is made by choosing only the best grapes of autoctonous Žilavka from the micro locations in Međugorje and Vionica. This Selection embodis a concentration of the highest quality which we can offer you only in very limited quantity. Serving temperature best at 10 and 12ºC.

Nika Rose

is a high quality wine, made from autochthonous cultivar Blatina by technology of white wine with cold fermentation. Nika is characterized by crystal clear pink color. Well balanced, harmonious and full of flavor accompanied with pleasant fresh scent of raspberry, currant, strawberry and cherry. Ideal for hot days with light summer foods, it is really refreshing. Serve at 10-12°C.12-14% alc., 0,75L.

David Cuvée Red

I dade Bog da grožđe uzrije, a ljudi to ne pokvariše, te nastade ovaj rujni cuvée od Cabernet Sauvignona i Blatine. Iz ljubavi ovih plemenitih sorti rodi se David, na ponos svojih roditelja. Jadinstven i neponovljiv, spreman na iznenađenja i neočekivane užitke, upravo kao i svaka originalna vinska mješavina koja pobuđuje vašu radoznalost. Nije li zato čarobno kad jedno vino može ozariti vaše lice onda, i na način koji najmanje očekujete?

Sophia Cuvee Blanc - Carska Vina

Sophia Cuvée Blanc

I dade Bog da grožđe uzrije, a ljudi to ne pokvariše, te nastade ova bijela mješavina kojoj dadosmo ime još jednog našeg djeteta. Sophia je mediteransko žensko ime, a potječe iz grčkog jezika. Suvremenog značenja je mudrost, i ljudska i božanska. Sophia je i ime jedne svetice. Očevi svojim kćerima daju to ime s željom da istu, pored ljepote, krasi razboritost i produhovljenost.